7 “Good Guest” Tips Put Your Child on the A-List

It takes more than showing up to be a good guest.

It takes more than showing up to be a good guest. Help your child learn how to be the kid everyone wants at their party.

School is in session, the holidays are coming, and everyone’s having a party.  Coach your kids on these  “good guest” tips  that will ensure they will be on everyone’s invitation list.

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8 Tips for A+ Back-to-School Shoppers


It’s time for back-to-school shopping, a detail-oriented excursion fraught with the potential for high drama.  The more children you have with you, the higher the odds of a meltdown in Aisle 3, so before you gather the class lists and pop the kids in the car to search for the ultimate notebook and the coolest shoes, take a few moments to talk with them about these eight tips for being an A+ shopper.

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What Do You Do With All These Forks?

ForksCenturies ago a French courtier discovered that it is easier to concentrate on eating if one doesn’t have to look around for one’s knife at each meal, and viola! systematized table setting was born.

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Summer Vacation: “Why aren’t we flying? Because getting there is half the fun.”


It’s vacation time!  Strap Aunt Edna to the roof, pack the kids in the car, and head for Wally World!

If you want to have a better family car trip than the Griswolds, try establishing these four simple points of politeness.   You will all enjoy the ride and your kids will see firsthand how  considerate, gracious, courteous behavior  (aka good manners) makes even a six hour car trip more fun.

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Don’t Stop Short


The television news is flashing a picture of Martin Richard, the innocent 8 year old  boy    who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing.  He is dressed in a white First  Communion suit and looks straight into the camera with a broad, toothless grin. I can’t bear to watch.

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Rude Kids: What Do You Say?


It is becoming commonplace to cross paths in public with parents who seem oblivious to their children’s bad behavior and how it affectsairplane kick

Have you been in a situation like this?

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