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Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard!

This complete etiquette book for children 4 and up covers everything from table manners to good sportsmanship, dressing to e-messaging in a clever, lighthearted way that appeals to both boys and girls. Table of Contents Preview.

Presenting the tenets of polite behavior through the antics of the kooky Good Idea Kids, Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard! engages children and offers parents and teachers a way to begin conversations about the basics of good manners. See For Parents & Teachers below for information about a free parents’ companion to "Soup!” and lesson plans for preschool and elementary teachers.

Delightfully illustrated throughout in two colors, “Soup!” was originally published in 1990. The current edition is updated for 21st century children.

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Five Stars

For Parents & Teachers



Parents who are looking for additional information to help explain the rules of etiquette in a way that will satisfy their kids’ inevitable questions will love Why?, an online companion to Soup! organized for easy, page-by page reference. It is mobile compatible, printer friendly, and, best of all, it’s free! Visit Why? on this site to see why grown-ups will like it.


Soup! Lesson Plans

A set of lesson plans produced in conjunction with professional educators is available to preschool and elementary teachers who wish to use Soup! in their classrooms. The plans are free with an institutional purchase. Visit For Educators on the publisher's site for details.

Don't Crunch Your Chips While I'm Putting!

In golf, good manners are as important as a good backswing!  This little book tees up the rules of etiquette in a fun, easy to read format with lots of clever illustrations. Beginners of all ages will find just what they need to know about how to conduct themselves before, during, and after a round. . .and more.  Table of Contents Preview.

From the Golfer’s Golden Rule to winning or losing graciously, Don’t Crunch Your Chips While I’m Putting! ensures beginning golfers will quickly become welcome players in any group, on any course.

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